1998 Cohort

$315,506 to the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine for Use of Diabetes Services and Unmet Need for Care Among Medicare Beneficiaries with Diabetes Mellitus

$315,506 to Harvard Medical School for Role of Dendritic Cells in AIDS Pathogenesis and Immune Responses

$315,501 to the Medical University of South Carolina for Role of Oxidants as Second Messengers in Renal Cell Signal Transduction

$315,351 to Massachusetts General Hospital for Noninvasive Monitoring of Left Heart Filling Pressures and Output: A Bioengineering Approach to the “Noninvasive Swan-Ganz Catheter”

$315,256 to Emory University for Host Defense Mechanisms in the Maintenance of Viral Latency

$314,506 to the University of California, San Francisco for The Influence of Race and Culture on Contraception Method Adoption and Continuation in Adolescents

$315,506 to The Johns Hopkins University for Development of Gene Therapy Strategies for the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer

$315,506 to The Johns Hopkins University for Somatosensory Plasticity: Functional Relevance and Specific Changes in Neuronal Response Properties

$315,506 to Duke University Medical Center for Analysis of the Role of Hyaluronan Receptor CD44 Isoforms in the Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Synovitis Using CD44 Homologous Recombinant Mice