2010 Cohort

2010 AMFDP and ASH-AMFDP Scholars

Washington University for Thalamic activation in hypoglycemia associated autonomic failure

Columbia for Reproductive system development and sexual differentiation: the roles of Tbx2 and Tbx3

University of California, Davis for Large cells, small cells; single-cell phenotyping of fetal gene program in hypertrophies cardiac myocytes

Massachusetts General Hospital for Development of a linguistically- and culturally-tailored computer eNavigator self-management program for type 2 diabetic Latino patients

University of California, San Francisco for Statistical and molecular approaches to improving early detection of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in high HIV prevalence settings

University of Texas HSC at Houston for Molecular pathophysiology of gastroschsis-related intestinal dysfunction

University of California, San Francisco for Novel biomarkers of kidney injury to detect kidney function decline across race/ethnic groups: a shift to primary prevention

Columbia for Exploring the use of novel drugs for the treatment of HTLV-1 related adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma under the ASH-AMFDP partnership

Indiana University  for Improving management of test results that return after hospital discharge