Offline Documents and Tasks

Parts of the application are offline or require others to supply documents to the Application & Review system.

Mentors: You must reach an understanding with a prospective Mentor who has substantial research experience and who is willing to provide guidance for your research training. Download the Letter to the Proposed Mentor and give it to him or her. This letter should serve as a guide to the kind of information we need from your Mentor(s). Successful competition for this award is strongly influenced by the quality and strength of your proposed Mentor. Please be sure that you have substantive contact with him or her as you develop and complete your application. If you have more than one mentor, they may collaborate on one letter, or may provide separate letters; the Application & Review system can accept more than one Mentor’s Statement.

You will also be required to supply a CV for each Mentor, using the template provided in the system. This is discussed more thoroughly in the Online Application section.

References: Invite three people to serve as authors of a confidential reference report through a link in the online application.   One of the referees must be someone familiar with your research interests and/or experience. Your proposed Mentor(s) should not be used as a reference.  References must be submitted electronically.  If this poses a hardship, please contact the National Program Office.

Transcripts: We no longer require that original transcripts be sent to our office.  You will upload transcripts from your undergraduate college(s), medical school(s), dental school(s), nursing school(s), and any institution at which you undertook health-related coursework (toward an MPH or PhD, for example).  These may be student copies of transcripts.  If you receive transcripts electronically, please print, scan, and upload the scans to ensure that access does not require a login or expire.