For Mentors

Please see also Mentors section of Application FAQs.

Obligations of the mentor:

To the applicant

* Assist in the development of a research proposal
* Provide information requested in the Letter to the Proposed Mentor
* Assist in the preparation of a 15-minute presentation should the applicant be selected for an interview

To the AMFDP Scholar

* Provide scientific and career guidance to the awardee
* Attend the AMFDP Annual Meeting for the first two years the Scholar is in the program
* Support time necessary for leadership training and career development activities
* Notify the National Program Office of any problems or concerns with the Scholar’s progress
* Notify the National Program Office of any plans to relocate

The Annual Meeting

The 2024 Annual Meeting will be October 8-11 in Denver, Colorado.  (October 8 and the morning through early afternoon of October 9 will be devoted to a Leadership Academy for Scholars only.)  Most meetings have been in October, with some in September or November. Meetings usually start with a Wednesday evening reception, dinner, and lecture, and continue Thursday with scientific presentations by second-year Scholars. Friday is devoted to presentations by alumni of the program, comments by fourth-year Scholars, and career development workshops for Scholars.

Mentors of second-year Scholars are asked to comment on the broad picture of their Scholar’s work (five minutes). Mentors of first-year Scholars meet with their Scholar’s assigned National Advisory Committee mentor. All mentors meet with the National Advisory Committee to discuss concerns with the program.

Mentors are guests of the National Program Office; that is, all transportation (economy), hotel, and meal expenses of the mentor are paid or reimbursed by the AMFDP. Scholars are expected to fund attendance at the Annual Meetings through their award budgets.