For Scholars

If you can’t find what you need on these pages, please call or email the National Program Office. It is our job to ensure that you make optimal use of your award for your research and career development. See the links at the left for information on budgets, the annual meeting, and other topics.


AHA: The American Heart Association, a partner in the AHA-AMFDP since 2016

AMFDP: The Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program

ASH: The American Society of Hematology, a partner in the ASH-AMFDP since 2008

ASN: The American Society of Nephrology, a partner in the ASN-AMFDP since 2015

MMFDP: Minority Medical Faculty Development Program (precursor to the AMFDP)

NAC: National Advisory Committee

NPO: National Program Office (David Wilkes and Nina Ardery)

RWJF: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Award

Start date: In general, two options are available for beginning the award: January 1 or July 1 in the year after selection. The award may not be delayed in order for the Scholar to complete clinical training.

Project director: The Scholar may be the project director. In some cases, the institution places restrictions on who may be a project director, for example, allowing only those with faculty appointments to act in that capacity. In that case, the mentor or department chair may be the project director.

Grant ID number: It is important to include your six-digit grant identification number on all correspondence with RWJF. Although the NPO tracks Scholars by name, the RWJF has vast numbers of grants, and uses ID numbers.

Award letters: Award letters are generally sent out approximately two weeks before the beginning of a grant.

Leave of absence: Leaves may be granted, on a case-by-case basis, for situations such as the birth of a child, relocation, extended illness, or professional opportunities. Please call the NPO to discuss options.