Annual Meeting


Failure to attend the annual meeting is grounds for discontinuation of the award.

Please note the format of the Annual Meeting for Scholars (introduced in 2017).

The 2024 Annual Meeting will be Tuesday, October 8  through Friday, October 11 in Denver.

There will be a mandatory day and a half of training for all Scholars on Tuesday afternoon, October 8 from 1:00pm MT and Wednesday, October 9.

Future Meeting:

2025: Date and site to be announced.


Annual meetings are generally in October, although some have been in September or November. They begin on a Tuesday and continue on Wednesday with career and leadership development workshops, reception, dinner, and Edward Hook Memorial Lecture (usually delivered by an alum). Thursday’s program consists of presentations by second-year Scholars and their mentors. Friday is devoted to talks by alumni, comments by fourth-year Scholars, and career development workshops.  All sessions are required for all Scholars.


First-year Scholars meet with their mentors and their assigned National Advisory Committee mentors to discuss their progress and plans. This is a very informal meeting, and may take place during a break or a meal. Second-year Scholars make formal, 15-minute presentations to the entire group, followed by five-minute commentaries by their mentors placing the research in a larger context. Third-year Scholars have no formal role in the meeting, but are expected to attend all sessions. Fourth-year Scholars make seven-minute “valedictory remarks” presentations, which may recap research successes with slides, or may focus on the personal impact of the award on career and person. All mentors meet with the NAC as a whole to discuss problems and issues. First-year mentors meet informally with their Scholar and assigned NAC member as discussed above, and second-year mentors comment on research presentations as noted above.

Progress Report for the Annual Meeting

Before the Annual Meeting, each Scholar is asked to provide a copy of his or her latest annual narrative, with the addition of the information below:

Please give us an update on your activities that are not described in the answers above.  This could include, but need not be limited to, special training you’ve done, other projects you are working on, meetings attended, collaborations explored or started, grants submitted, other funding (not for this project), leadership training, involvement in societies, awards and recognitions, mentorship activities, difficulties encountered.

Who is invited?

All Scholars are expected to attend all of the meeting. Mentors of first- and second-year Scholars are invited, as are mentors new to the program. If a mentor can not come to the meeting, an appropriate substitute familiar with the Scholar’s research may attend. Each year, a limited number of alumni and outside speakers attend. Of course, the members of the NAC and staff of the RWJF attend as their schedules permit.

Who pays?

Mentors, NAC, and invited alumni are guests of the program, and will have economy-class transportation, lodging, and meals reimbursed. Scholars pay for attendance at the meeting from their grants.

2016 Presentation by Kevin Kirkpatrick:

For the PowerPoint presentation by Kevin Kirkpatrick of The Metropolitan Group, “Harnessing the Power of the Media,” click here.