Making Changes

Budget Revisions

RWJF requires a budget revision under some circumstances.  For more information, go here:

Changing Mentors

If some problem arises and you should need to change mentors, you should notify the NPO as soon as possible. You will need to change mentors if your mentor leaves your institution and you do not plan to follow, if your mentor retires or becomes incapacitated, if you transfer your grant to a different institution, or if the relationship between you and your mentor hinders your scientific or professional development.

After you have identified a new mentor, he or she should submit all of the information required of mentors of applicants. Please see the Letter to Proposed Mentor. You should also write a letter detailing why a change in mentors is appropriate. It may be necessary for a NAC member to make a site visit to your proposed mentor before a decision may be made on the change. In cases where a change in mentor is made, continued funding in the program is not guaranteed.

Changing Institutions

If you plan to change institutions, please notify the NPO as soon as possible. Continued funding is not guaranteed in the new institution. A new grant application must be made, including a letter of agreement, proposal, budget, narrative, Scholar’s CV, mentor’s CV, letter of support from the mentor, and a letter detailing the reason for the change. The old institution must provide a letter of relinquishment, a final financial report, and refund of any unspent funds. The Scholar must provide a final narrative report for the grant being relinquished. In some cases, a site visit by a member of the NAC will be necessary. When a change of institutions involves a physical relocation of some distance, it is sometimes possible to arrange a leave of absence from the program.

Grant Extensions

Grantees may request a no-cost extension through Grantee Hub, for grants funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  For more information, go here:  For those Scholars with grants through partner organizations, please consult the National Program Office.  Extensions of three months are typical.

Leaving the Program

If you should feel that you need to terminate your award, please call the NPO to discuss the situation as soon as possible.