Reporting Requirements and Correspondence

Reporting Requirements

Grantees are responsible to the RWJF for at least two reports each year: the annual (narrative) report, and the financial report. In some cases, more frequent financial reports may be requested.

Although Scholars funded by our partner organizations are not required to submit reports to RWJF, they use the RWJF reporting formats.  Those Scholars should submit their reports to the NPO and to the funding organization.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently revised the format for annual and final narrative reports.  The annual, or narrative, report is an account of the scientific and administrative progress toward your research goals. The first three years, the report is called the “annual” report; in the last year it is the “final” report. Guidelines and specific questions to be answered may be found under Grantee Resources/Annual Reporting in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s website.  Final reporting guidelines are here: Final Reporting.

Reports should be submitted through Grantee Hub, accessible from The deadline for these reports is two months after the anniversary of your start date. For example, for a grant that started February 1, 2023, the first annual report would be due March 31, 2024. It is the Scholar’s responsibility to ensure that the reports are submitted by the deadline. If this is not possible, the Scholar should contact the NPO. Narrative reports should also be sent to the NPO and to the NAC mentor.

RWJF is waiving the narrative reporting requirement for most grants through December 31, 2024; however, the AMFDP requires narrative reports from ALL grantees ahead of each year’s annual meeting.

The financial report is likewise due 60 days after the anniversary of the grant’s start date. This report is usually sent directly to RWJF by the financial section of your institution’s sponsored projects or research office. Make sure that you get a copy of this report so that you may ensure that funds are being expended as planned.

If you leave your institution for any reason, final financial and narrative reports are due, no matter how far along in your award you were at the time of departure.

Reporting Requirements for Partner Grants

Grantees are responsible to the NPO and the granting organization for at least two reports each year: the annual (narrative) report, and the financial report. In some cases, more frequent financial reports may be requested.  If your organization does not not have a specific financial report, you may use the format AMFDP Partner Annual Financial Report Template.

Report for the Annual Meeting

Before the Annual Meeting, each Scholar is asked to provide a copy of his or her latest annual narrative, with the addition of the information below:

Please give us an update on your activities that are not described in the answers above.  This could include, but need not be limited to, special training you’ve done, other projects you are working on, meetings attended, collaborations explored or started, grants submitted, other funding (not for this project), leadership training, involvement in societies, awards and recognitions, mentorship activities, difficulties encountered.

Correspondence with the RWJF

All correspondence with the RWJF include your grant ID number and should be cc:ed to the National Program Office. Please keep a copy of correspondence for your files.