2003 Cohort

$365,400 to The University of Chicago for Regulation of Insulin Gene Transcription: The Roles of CBP vs. P300

$365,400 to University of California, San Francisco for Preventable Hospitalizations and Racial Disparities in Heart Failure Care

$365,400 to Albert Einstein College of Medicine for Using TNFa Gene Expression Profiles to Predict PTX-based Chemotherapy Response

$365,400 to Mayo Clinic for Gene Discovery in Familial Barrett’s Esophagus

$365,400 to Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine for Skeletal Metastasis in Prostate Cancer

$365,400 to University of California, Los Angeles for The Protective Role of Heme Oxygenase-1 in Vascular Inflammation

$365,400 to University of California, San Francisco for T Cell Responses to Human Papilloma Virus and Correlation to Anogenital Disease

$365,392 to University of California, San Francisco for Ion Transport in Alveolar Type I Cells

$365,400 to Mount Sinai School of Medicine for Decreasing Medical Errors Related to Discontinuity of Care from the Inpatient to the Outpatient Setting

$365,400 to Children’s Hospital (Boston) for The Role of Oxygen in Skeletal Development

$365,400 to Washington University School of Medicine for Lumbar Spines

$365,400 to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for Identification of Small Molecule Inhibitors that Target CalDAG-GEF Signaling in
Human Malignancies