2011 Cohort

2011 AMFDP and ASH-AMFDP Scholars

New York University for Epigenetic modulation of the Bcl6: p53 axis in aggressive lymphomas under the ASH-AMFDP partnership

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for Optimization of anti-CD19 gene-targeted T cell therapy in an immunocompetent mouse model of B-ALL under the ASH-AMFDP partnership

Baylor for Molecular genetic changes contributing to asymptomatic carriage in group A Streptococcus

University of California, San Francisco for The role of periodontal disease in chronic kidney disease progression

Stanford for Defining protective monocytes in experimental pancreatitis

University of Michigan for Fetal derived induced pluripotent stem cells and neural progenitors for spinal cord regeneration in myelomeningocele

Children’s Hospital Boston for The impact of antibiotic induced alterations on the intestinal flora and on adaptive immune function in infant mice

University of Michigan for The cooperation of MYCN and the DNA damage response in neuroblastoma oncogenesis

Northwestern for Finding solutions to disparities in labor analgesia

Penn for Postpartum weight management study